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I'm straight, and I love your coffee cake!

Inside Chaser's mind, it's always dark

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The Woman

Name: Chaser.
Age: 30 :(
I am: An INFJ (we're a rare species), a highly sensitive person, a writer, an introvert, an artist.
Likes: anime, comics, cartoons, literary criticism, world history, reading, writing, perfume, making jewelry, yaoi, yuri, being a woman, being bi, things that people insist she is Too Old For.
Dislikes: oppressive religious/political/social attitudes, bullshit heterosexual power dynamics, people who don't get mental illness, cucumbers.

The Fandoms

Axis Powers (aka World Series) Hetalia, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Final Fantasy VII, Harry Potter, Mai-Otome, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Simoun, Trigun

The Journal

This is the journal I use for all fandom matters, from commenting on communities to posting fan fic and to the occasional media-related rant (or personal rant because, hey, that's how I roll sometimes).

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